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Blooming / Budding Air Plants

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  • Tillandsia X Curly Slim is a popular air plant hybrid between T. Intermedia and T. Streptophylla. It can be grown horizontally or upside down on wire. Has thick curly leaves that curl back on themselves a few times. When flowering, Curly Slim produces a long pink spike which can produce more offsets. Pups quickly similar to T. Intermedia. Has not flowered.

    Only 1 availabe (see pictures). To keep the leaves tightly curled up, avoid frequent or long soakings.

    Width: 4.0″ – 6.0″
    Height: 14-16″

    This item includes:
    – 1 live air plant
    – Air plant care instructions

    Sold Out

Showing 13–13 of 13 results

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