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  • Tillandsia Aeranthos Miniata clump is very hardy and easy to grow. Use these air plant clumps as parent plants to propagate your own tillandsias or display them in terrariums for a textured look. Tillandsia Aeranthos Miniata is a miniature air plant with lush green leaves that grows almost always in a clump form. While the clump is relative small for a mature specimen, it does contain a large number of plants. The ones I am currently offering have roughly 25-35 plants in each clump.

    Width: 5.0″ – 6.0″
    Height: 4.0″ – 5.0″

    Sold Out
  • Currently in rare hanging cluster form!

    As its name suggests, Tillandsia Funckiana is a funky-looking air plant in every way. These needly plants form bright red blossoms at the center when in bloom. The plant you receive may not be blooming at the moment.

    Size: (similar to first picture)
    Width: 4.0″ – 5.0″
    Height: 3.0″ – 4.0″ (cluster)

    This item includes:
    – 1 live air plant
    – Air plant care instructions

    Sold Out

Showing all 2 results

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